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Where do credit bureaus acquire their information?


Credit bureaus obtain their information mostly from financial institutions.

 Other data sources include but not limited to;

  • Government agencies that register business and maintain a register of businesses in operation (E.g. Registrar Generals Department – RGD)
  • Government agencies that register property rights and transactions (E.g. Land Commission)
  • Reports on investigations and convictions on economic crimes held by the Police Service
  • Registries of courts which maintain; data on judgement debts, records of insolvency proceedings, orders for the winding-up of business, and criminal convictions
  • Rulings of tribunals or administrative bodies as regards the credit status of a person
  • Utility comapanies
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Mobile money operators
  • Financial technology companies
  • Government institutions that offer credit to individual, small, medium and micro enterprises
  • Institutions that provide identification documents
  • Entities that supply goods and provides services on a post-paid or instalment basis
  • The student loan trust or any student loan scheme
  • Other entities that have relevent data and information that complies with permissible purposes and serves the purpose of the credit bureaus

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